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Eyelash Extensions

Morning routines burdened by pesky lash curlers and clumpy mascara are things of the  past now that you’ve discovered Glowing Tan & Beauty Bar. Our passionate lash tech  can’t wait to create your signature lash look that’ll have you looking in the mirror over  and OVER again! 

We use quality lashing materials that deliver great value! Our products are  manufactured at ISO quality management certified facilities. 

Eyelash Extension Procedure
Large colored eyelashes


  • Lash Bath $5
  • Classic Lash Set $75
  • Hybrid Lash Set $80
  • Volume Lash Set $85
  • Fill-ins $50 and up
  • Lash Removal $25
  • Color Eyelash Extension Add-On $10
Meet Your Lash Tech

Stevie Wilson

Our lash tech Stevie Wilson is not only amazing but also highly professional. With years of experience and qualifications, she knows exactly how to give you the best lashes possible. You can have confidence in her skills and expertise. Say goodbye to mediocre lash appointments and hello to a flawless set of lashes every time.

Trust us, Stevie will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Book your appointment with her today and experience the difference for yourself.

Stevie Wilson