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Category: Services

Ionic Foot Detox

By Appointment only The ionic footbath works on the principal of balancing the body’s pH level, bringing it back into a more alkaline or healthy

Permanent Jewelry

Glowing Tan & Beauty Bar offers permanent, welded jewelry, custom-sized to fit your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger. Our unique experience is available on Thursdays

Eyelash Extensions

Morning routines burdened by pesky lash curlers and clumpy mascara are things of the  past now that you’ve discovered Glowing Tan & Beauty Bar. Our

Blowout Bar

The blowout bar experience at Glowing Tan & Beauty Bar! Start by choosing your style;  we do it all: curls, waves, or straight! Then, all

Sugar Waxing

Our product features all-natural ingredients, making it a safe and soothing alternative to traditional hot wax. Not only is it easier to clean up with

Tanning Services

VIP Bronzer Beds Our VIP Bronzer Bed has high-performance acrylic sheets that allow maximum UV light for a faster, darker tan. These VIP beds allow